• Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure Management deals with the core technology that businesses need to operate. Its main goal is to achieve near-perpetual uptime on all fronts and requires considerable amount of planning and investment in the early stages. Servers, firewalls, cabling, wireless networks, switches, internet circuits and uninterruptible-power supplies are all included within this management. The necessary hardware may vary depending on the business type.

  • Information Security

    Within Information Security my main goals are to protect data from theft and from disasters. The first part is done by adding multiple filtering layers to firewalls, computers and DNS servers. The latter, by creating redundant backup routines with off-site storage and archiving. I pay constant and close attention to all the vital information stored on servers and on backup destinations, where multiple versions are kept to make sure that data is always protected.

  • Help Desk

    Help Desk focuses on assisting companies with their day-to-day technology needs. It ranges from setting up a new hire with her/his technology set, such as phone, computer and remote access, to upgrading a computer or smartphone with its newest operating system. My secret in this area is my life-long dedication to IT which enables me to have gathered knowledge on a bunch of different areas, including Macs, PCs, phone systems, servers, etc.


  • Anna De Souza
    Principal, Live in Five Media

    The IT chaos that took me four long-suffering years to create only took Conrad 24 hours to solve. Conrad is incredibly detail-oriented and always offers easy and speedy solutions to get your business moving forward. From spam lists to Microsoft Exchange and organizing hosting (saving me money!) - I offer my highest praise to Conrad Corporate Technology. And the whole getting-back-to-you-in-15-minutes bit, it's a lie: he gets back to you in 10!

  • Matthew Thornton
    Principal, Armchair Studio, LLC

    As a small business which relies on technology to create and deliver work, communicate with our clients, and remain connected when traveling, Conrad's service, intelligence, and immediate responsiveness are indispensable. We managed our own I.T. in house for three years. Now that Conrad is on our side — the time we save, the security we have gained, and the peace of mind he provides — we cannot believe we didn't do this much sooner. I whole-heartedly endorse Conrad and his services.

  • Jeffrey Samel
    Principal, Jeffrey Samel & Partners

    At last I have found an IT consultant who is skilled, knowledgeable, responsive and reasonably priced. Conrad puts his competitors to shame.

    Our IT setup includes a few servers and multiple workstations, on and offsite. We also have a VPN network that allows all our employees to work from remote, with full access to the internal resources.

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